Defending Befriending with John W. Morehead from MultiFaith Matters

John Morehead and I are partners in the crimes of trying to do good works that are not always perceived as good works in Evangelical circles. We've taken some hits for befriending the "radical other" - those who think and live differently than ourselves. We think that's what Jesus would do, but not everyone appears to agree.

Wild Theology Podcast with Shaily Patel – Magic and the Early Church Wild Theology

Shaily Patel is the Associate Professor of Early Christianity in the Department of Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech. Her Doctoral Thesis was on the subject of Magic in Early Christian Traditions, and that's the topic of this podcast. We discuss the ways in which the early Christian writers delineated the difference between miracles and magic, and we look at how some people have seen both Jesus and Peter as Magicians. Pastor Phil freaks out and needs his crucifix for this episode, which is weird because he actually doesn't own one. And Shaily shares her one big fear about things supernatural, which Phil is like "Yeah whatever, Let me at 'em, Let me at 'em!" But maybe he's just a like the Cowardly Lion. Find out on this episode of Wild Theology – Magic and the Early Church. You can follow Shaily on Twitter @vox_magica You can support this podcast at Also connect with me at:
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