Holy Fool Street Carnivals

October 2019, Salem Massachusetts will become home to the Holy Fools Street Carnival every weekend of the month. We are looking for people who love to pray to wander around in large groups dressed as angels covering the city with their prayers. We are looking for people dressed as monks to wander around in large groups providing free blessings, and reverse confessions (where we confess the sins of the church) to Halloween celebrants. We are looking for people to dress as prisoners to create flash mobs telling stories of deliverance, and calling for social justice concerning the terrible problem of for-profit prisons in America.

Contact us, and let us know if you would like to be a part of this event. Every weekend of the month of October will be an opportunity to participate in the Holy Fool Street Carnival. The only thing missing so far is you – come join the growing list of Fools for Christ! You can also donate to help bring this carnival to life

Can’t make Salem in October? Keep your eyes peeled for events in Austin and Dallas in March and April 2020.