Rainbow in Ocala, FL, Coming in April: Coachella

Last week, I spent five days with the Rainbow people, at the Ocala Rainbow Gathering in the Ocala National Forest in Florida. Hundreds of hippies, “dirty kids” (as they call themselves) and other nomads and their related friends met in the forest camped, ate, and lived together. I was one of those gatherers, and joined some of my friends at the Jesus Kitchen. It was a a great time to love on people, feed people, and spend hours talking about deep spiritual issues with incredibly intelligent wanderers.

Coming up next is a trip to Texas, and some time in Austin during SXSW (South By Southwest), and then to California, and hopefully some time working with my friend from the Rainbow Gathering, Joshua Hanson, who provides volunteer staffing at Coachella. Below is a video with Joshua. He describes briefly the kind of work he doing at music festivals. You can check him out at KingdomPromotions.org



4 thoughts on “Rainbow in Ocala, FL, Coming in April: Coachella

  1. I am really inspired by what you are doing I may have an in at Coachella also. What is the thing in Texas and when is it. . keep doin what your doin broski.


    1. James, I will be at a regional burn in Dayton (Northeast of Houston) in a couple weeks. It is called Unbroken Spring, and is a small event. Would be interested to connect with you about Coachella. You can reach me pastorphil (at) salemgathering.com.


  2. I’m gonna be at the Okeechobee music festival in the beginning of march but I am also interested in sxsw. Do you have an in thereor are you paying full price.


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