The Gathering

This is the home of a new way of thinking about church. Of course, church happens regularly on Sundays in a building we call church, it can happen in a home any day of the week with a small group of people, or it can happen in a pub. Perhaps more radically, it can happen for a week out of the year, and regroup each year as an expression of mission, or it can happen spontaneously as a flash mob from time to time.

Every expression of “The Gathering” is unique to the place and the time. It could happen in a building, in a weeklong festival once a year, or it could happen among a group of randomly meeting friends. It may be traditional, or it may be way outside any traditional boxes of gathering you’ve yet considered. This is how we are able to to define church as “anytime, anyplace.” It literally can be “wherever two or three are gathered in my name,” because church is not about when, but about who, and the who is you.

Because our definition of church transcends the norm, we have included the development of micro-churches in festival settings as a primary focus (but not the only focus) of our mission. Interested in learning more? Look around our our site, and be sure to check out the blog.